The Texas Real Estate Advocacy & Defense Political Action Committee (TREADPAC) enables us to approach legislative matters of concern to landowners through a well-organized, well-informed unified front. Through TREADPAC, landowners, and others who are interested in protecting private property rights and the precious resources of Texas, are able to pool their resources and help elect candidates on a local, state and national level. 

These funds can be used to increase your participation in grassroots activities which increases TREAD’s effectiveness and political strength.

TREADPAC supports candidates who are like-minded and will advocate for landowners and protect private property rights once elected to office. TREAD hosts town halls and has a candidate-screening process to insure we are investing in the right candidate.

TREADPAC is also your insurance policy to make sure that only sound policy is passed and bad bills don’t go anywhere. Invest in TREADPAC today!

Legislative Landowner Champions

TREAD is grateful for landowner champions in the Texas legislature who support private property rights and advocate for landowners in their individual districts. Now more than ever, we need our voices to be heard. It is important to keep leaders who represent us well in office as it determines how we, as a coalition, will proceed in defending our rights as landowners. 

Texas State Senate

Senator Brandon Creighton – Texas Senate District 4

Senator Sarah Eckhardt – Texas Senate District 14

Senator Roland Gutierrez – Texas Senate District 19

Senator Bob Hall – Texas Senate District 2

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa – Texas Senate District 20

Senator Bryan Hughes – Texas Senate District 1

Senator Phil King – Texas Senate District 10

Senator Lois Kolkhorst – Texas Senate District 18

Senator Morgan LaMantia – Texas Senate District 27

Senator Mayes Middleton – Texas Senate District 11

Senator Boris Miles – Texas Senate District 13

Senator Tan Parker – Texas Senate District 12

Senator Charles Perry – Texas Senate District 28

Senator Judith Zaffirini – Texas Senate District 21


Texas House of Representatives

Representative Cecil Bell – Texas House District 3

Representative Keith Bell – Texas House District 4

Representative Greg Bonnen – Texas House District 24

Representative Brad Buckley – Texas House District 54

Representative John H Bucy, III – Texas House District 136

Representative DeWayne Burns – Texas House District 58

Representative Dustin Burrows – Texas House District 83

Representative Terry Canales – Texas House District 40

Representative Jay Dean Charlie Geren – Texas House District 7

Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins – Texas House District 120

Representative Ryan Guillen – Texas House District 31

Representative Justin Holland – Texas House District 33

Representative Ken King – Texas House District 88

Representative Brooks Landgraf – Texas House District 81

Representative JM Lozano – Texas House District 43

Representative Jared Patterson – Texas House District 106

Representative Richard Raymond – Texas House District 42

Representative Shelby Slawson – Texas House District 59

Representative John Smithee – Texas House District 86

Representative David Spiller – Texas House District 68



Checks can be made payable to TREAD and mailed to:

Tread Foundation
11601 W Hwy 290 W
Suite A101-368
Austin, TX 78737

Your donation is tax deductible by the full extent of the law. Thank you for your support.