As Texas grows, there is more and more misunderstanding about the taxation of rural land. Every legislative session and every appraisal cycle, there are issues of concern for landowners. During session, legislation is introduced that can change the rules for Texas land. In addition, county appraisal cycles can have an impact on how decisions are made about your land.


  • Did you know that land in Timber valuation was originally not qualified to convert to wildlife management valuation? Legislation in 2009 changed this and ensured all landowners in open-space had the same rights.
  • Did you know that ag, timber, and wildlife guidelines are often enforced differently from county to county? While the law gives appraisal districts some flexibility, there are state-wide standards that all must follow.
  • Did you know that beekeeping wasn’t an eligible agricultural use until 2012, when legislation was passed to make it so?
  • Did you know that owners of Texas land have several options to maintain lower property taxes on their land:
    • Agricultural (Ag) use – including livestock, farming, Wildlife Management, Beekeeping, or Exotic Livestock
    • Ecolab
    • Timber use
      Recreational, park, or scenic use (of private land)

Protecting Texas land is an issue every Texan should care about. 142 million acres of working lands in Texas are owned by less than 1% of the population. These lands provide our food, fiber, wildlife habitat, scenic views, and clean water. The representatives of over 27 million people are not going to hear the voices of 250,000 landowners without help. TREAD Coalition is the answer.

Join TREAD and help us educate the legislature about what matters to rural landowners.