All the water in Texas is connected, and nearly a third of the water in Texas’ rivers and streams originates underground. Thirteen of the rivers that impact Texas’ economy are through headwater springs, many on private land in the Hill Country. Although the groundwater is independently owned, the environment, habitats and communities rely on it.  TREAD strives to provide education and resources for conservation and sustainability practices of this precious resource and it’s our mission to work effectively with the legislature and government agencies on sound policy and permitting that help steward this precious resource.   

Underground aquifers across the state have seen water levels drop over the past generation, in large part due to over-pumping of groundwater. This represents a massive threat, not just to the people, fauna, and animals that depend on that water, but there is also an impact on surface water like in rivers and streams. Our state’s population growth is. also creating unprecedented wastewater discharge. This “effluent waste” causes undesirable algae growth that strangles the ecological balance of our streams, hurting aquatic wildlife and it can also contaminate aquifers, wells and drinking water. It’s important for Texans to prevent immense damage to priceless natural resources, negatively affected well waters, and degraded property values. Our water resources MUST BE PROTECTED. 
TREAD Coalition urges policymakers and landowners alike to think about how we can manage the use and sustainability of groundwater as our state grows and changes.  Please help us demonstrate our commitment to protecting Texas waters now and for future generations.  “A single landowner’s voice is rarely heard, so I have joined with a group of like-minded landowners to work to protect the water quality of Texas rivers, creeks, springs, and streams.” Beyrl Armstrong, Texas Landowner